About Turtlejar

Turtlejar Cleaning Services was born to provide a stress free cleaning experience to people who want the job done right. We want to give more time to you whether that means being more productive in other areas of your life or focussing more attention on your family. Over the years we have gathered experience and cleaning skills that allows us to do bigger and more advanced cleaning jobs like antiviral sanitisation disinfection services, hygiene services and more.

Our Experience

Our People

We have teams of cleaners and supervisors throughout the UK who make up our Turtlejar Cleaning Team. The original two founders Kyle & Carla, started a tutoring company in 2013 which has since expanded to cleaning, moving, pest control and gardening. If you would like to contact Kyle or Carla, you are welcome to email info@turtlejarcleaningbristol.co.uk and they will personally respond.

Our Promise

Our promise is to start talking to the non-profit, humanitarian and educational organisations in the UK to start providing a share of all our profits to the people that are in need. Our promise is also to deliver the absolute best cleaning service to every single customer that comes through our doors asking for help.